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  Explorer of the wonder of nature and the longing of the heart 

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Daniel Mendoza - Author and Lecturer.



MARCH - EASTER-exhibition during the art round in my Showroom at Österlen.

APRIL 5 - COURSESTART - online course -

"Find Your True Expression" (in Swedish)

JULY - Exhibition Kivik Art Gallery. Österlen

AUGUST - Exhibition Galleri Hind Stockholm


primordial power. our origin. wild

With my painting I want to create a longing for nature, a longing for something original, a primordial force.  

It is my desire that these values that permeate a part of the wholeness in your home or workplace.

ORIGINAL harstammar.jpg
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Meet Nina Thorén

I work with tempera on linen canvas. 

My motifs are usually the wild, imaginative character of the forest, where the playful branches of the trees play together with a seductive light. It takes shape both as our inner and outer landscape. Sometimes animals appear with words of wisdom, which are directed at our inner longing. There is a tone that plays on our sense of being wild and free and completely present in the moment of nature's inspiration. Preferably with mysterious and magical elements. I want it to balance in the borderland between fantasy and reality.


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Contact Nina Thorén



Nina Thoren Art

Blästorpsvägen 47

27635 Borrby

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