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The Collection "Rewild"

Come to Nina´s showroom in Österlen

Would you like to com and see the paintings from the "Rewild" collection?

You are so welcome to Nina´s showroom in Österlen, Sweden.

Book a time by emailing her at -

Nina Thorén Art

Blästorpsvägen 47

27635 Borrby

Aboute the Collection "Rewild"

REWILD - To rewild nature and oneself

The untouched nature.

The connection with nature.

When you feel at ONE with nature in the present moment, taking in all impressions with your senses.

Becoming completely absorbed and getting closer to your core.

With this collection, Nina aims to capture the RAW, PURE, SPONTANEOUS, and VIBRANT feeling in the expressions of the paintings.

What happens more

Creating a onlinecourse

Nina is also working concurrently on an online course - Find Your True Expression.

Where she aims to inspire and provide perspectives on embracing intuition and trust in the creative process. Play with the impulses of the present moment! It's the journey that is the goal!

The online course is set to be released in spring 2024. Course starts on April 5th.

Feel free to reach out via email if you havde any questions

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