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My driving force


Painting's first flow 


After growing up in Västergötland's beautiful forests and enchanting nature, I began my artistic career at Studiefrämjandets Bild & Form education in Stockholm, followed by 2 years Free Art at Hjo Art School.


My first big inspiration was ice formations at Vättern's shoreline. Seeing the morning light illuminate these works of art made me fall in love. Water in all forms amazes me,  the magnificent sea, a sweet still lake or the dreamy morning mist. 



In the footsteps of creativity


Here at the age of 20 after studying art, I couldn't really see myself as an artist.

I chose to move to Stockholm and train as a hairdresser at the Björn Axén Academy. This profession has suited me as a person perfectly. Creative, wonderful meetings, fruitful conversations and very caring. Got to create a feeling and experience for someone else.

For 10 years I combined the hairdressing profession at Östermalm with painting at home 1 day a week.

A new longing began to grow in me. To be more in nature and explore painting full time.

In 2014 I started the journey there. After 2 long maternity leaves, I started my business in 2020.

Nina Thoren (67).png
Nina Thoren (67).png
Nina Thoren (67).png

My expression

Primordial power, wildness and longing  


I want to create a longing for nature, the longing for something original, a primordial force, that is the breeding ground for inspiration for me.  


The motifs are usually the wild, imaginative character of the forest, where the playful branches of the trees play together with a seductive light. 

It takes shape both as our inner and outer landscape. Sometimes animals appear with words of wisdom, which are directed at our inner longing. There is a tone that plays on our sense of being wild and free and completely present in the moment of nature's inspiration. Preferably with mysterious and magical elements. I want it to balance in the borderland between fantasy and reality.



Tempera and watercolor


Works mostly with tempera on linen canvas, but also watercolor. I love working in interaction with water. Get the flowing expression and be swept along in the pigment dance in the water. 

I like the challenge of trying to control the color partly where I want, and also wait to see what is created on my own while the water evaporates and the pigment is allowed to remain.

I am a colorist, who depends on the color choice of intuition and the pattern and surface of the tempera pigment.

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Wild our nature


With my painting, I want to convey the importance of making contact with nature again and being more in our being, that we all need to stop in our doing and see that we have all the answers within us. 

My dream is to be able to contribute to a better world through my painting. For me, it is when nature, animals and humans live in a sustainable balance. My conviction is that the way there is by wilding a large part of our nature again.


Every year in connection with a separate exhibition, I choose an organization that works with wild projects in the world. 

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Nina Thoren (67).png
Nina Thoren (67).png

Curriculum Vitae



April - solo exhibition "Rewild" In Ninas showroom Österlen Sweden


Feb - Exhibition "Women of art" Hammarö Art gallery, Karlstad, Sweden




July - Summerexhibition, Hammarö Art Gallery, Karlstad, Sweden


June - Exhibition, Gallery Bellman, Stockholm, Sweden 

April - solo exhibition "Symbiosis" in Ninas showroom, Österlen


2021-2022 participation in the art guide Nordic Art Guide

June: solo exhibition "origin" in Ninas showroom in Österlen, Sweden  

2018 solo exhibition in Ninas showroom Österlen, Sweden 

2012 solo exhibition Winterviken Stockholm  

2008 solo exhibition Winterviken Stockholm  



2013-2015 Basic course, advanced courses and teacher training Vedic Art

2002-2004 2 years education FREE ART, Hjo Art School  

2001 Artschool, 1 year at Studiefrämjandet,  Stockholm 

Nina Thoren (67).png
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