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Online course 2024

In the spring of 2024, I will launch the online course "Find your true expression"

(In swedish first)

The course will focus on finding more awareness and attitudes around your creation. Get tools to overcome your own obstacles by letting go and having more confidence.


This is a draft of what we will take a closer look at to increase your awareness of. 1 What you are longing for right now, and give yourself this and dare to explore it. 2 Different painting techniques and tools. Different entrances to dare to let go and start painting on a white canvas completely without predetermined goals with your creation. 3 Your energy pattern during your painting process to be able to help yourself guide you in trust and acceptance through your painting process. 4 Your interaction between spontaneous intuition and taking a step back and looking to be able to land in how to proceed. 5 Different ways to recognize the painting / work to see what you need to work on so that the painting works as a whole. 6 Curiosity and daring to be fearless, to hold on until you love what you have created, that it is not only ok, but you are in love with your work.

Read more about the course and register your interest here;


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